Flexibility and Agility for a Technology Driven World

With advancements in technology, increased competition across sectors, dwindling resources and issues in the supply chain, and the need to accommodate sustainability of the larger community and the environment in the corporate space, businesses are moving beyond the traditional definition of their industry. One of the biggest examples of this change is the role technology now plays in any industry.

Given this context, we have also developed teams that are proactive and flexible, while being innovative and creative enough to stay ahead of the curve in their industry/industries. This is where the talent acquisition experts of SGS IT Solutions.

At SGS we take pride in our ability to source the best talent that not only matches with the culture and skill requirement of the specific organization, but also with the unique tenets of the industry in which the organization operates in.

IT Products and Services

We have worked with most of the leading IT products and services companies based or operating in India. From permanent recruitment to contract staffing to executive search, we provide the full spectrum of talent sourcing solutions for the IT industry. We have specific technology specialists in our teams allowing us to hire for all technology mandates faster than the other players in the market. We also provide HR outsourcing solutions like payroll and compliance management for the IT industry.

Global Captive Centers (GCCs)

India has now cemented its place globally as a hub for the best tech talent in the world. As a result most of the global MNCs have already setup or are looking to setup captive centers in India for various tech and support functions, including product development and maintenance, customer support, technology development for operations and supply chain, etc. At SGS, we specialize in hiring for GCCs and have helped many MNCs setup and scale their captive centers with our support.


India has moved up the ITES value chain since the early days of the call center boom of the 90s. And we have been at the forefront of talent sourcing for ITES and now BPM industry since then. Over the years we have worked with most of the leading players in the industry and hired for increasingly more challenging roles that go beyond voice processes to specialized back office operations for banking, financial services, insurance services, blended services, etc.

Electronics and Semiconductor

India has emerged as a hub for electronics and semiconductor companies, with favorable policy initiatives from the Indian government. Many global semiconductor and electronics companies have set up their captive and non-captive centers in India with a focus on R&D and design/product innovation. We provide our full range of manpower sourcing and HR solutions for companies operating in this space with a special focus on solving their unique industry challenges.

Renewable & Clean Energy

Renewable and clean energy sector has seen growth in recent years and India, especially states like Gujarat have emerged as the leading source of specialized talent pool required for the renewable energy sector (wind, hydro and solar). The world is also shifting rapidly to e-mobility and India is also rapidly adopting electric vehicles. At SGS we understand this changing dynamics of the energy sector and have built a talent pool of highly specialized skillsets for this sector.

Engineering & R&D

To efficiently serve a 100 billion dollar market, there is a need for an additional 1 million R&D engineers in the next few years. Engineering and R&D positions are also hard to fill as they are highly technical and require special skill sets that can be difficult to find in professionals on the market. As a leading player in the industry, with a large candidate database, we can help fill the technical positions in your organization if you belong to this industry.


With India’s increasingly young working population, we have the potential to add more than US$500 billion by the year 2025 to the manufacturing industry. For manufacturers, identifying, attracting and retaining top talent capable of leading through change is a competitive advantage. We help manufacturing companies source both white and blue collar talent and also help them stay complaint with various labour and statutory laws for all their manufacturing units.

Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences

The pharma and healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors in India in terms of both revenue and employment, as it employs around 4.7 million people. Healthcare providers are striving to provide high-quality care while driving efficiency. To achieve this successfully, healthcare organizations need a structure, strategy and the right professionals. This is where SGS’s specialty staffing and PSP programs come in handy and help our clients achieve their business goals.

Retail & E-commerce

Retail industry in India, like the rest of the world is forging ahead on the back of digital commerce. India is one of the top ten e-commerce markets in the world. We provide both entry level as well as experienced manpower for offline and online retail companies for operations, supply chain, technology and marketing functions. We also help companies outsource payroll and compliance solutions for medium to large employers.

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