SGS IT Solutions provides Resource Management, IT Consulting, and Product Development services, in addition to a host of other complementary services such as online candidate screening, e-learning, and resume-related services. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the latest technologies, and how they serve niche segments of the industry, enables us to render services of utmost quality.

SGS IT Solutions began its operations as a head-hunting agency and eventually shifted focus to specialized group services. With a strong grounding in talent acquisition and resource management, we diversified our operations to handle industry-specific requirements for the IT, ITES, Engineering, and Manufacturing sectors. This experience helped us immensely in honing our resource management capabilities, and to subsequently widen operations to cover other key sectors as well.

Our approach is built on using the right combination of strategy, people, processes, technology, and infrastructure for each client situation, to meet specific business needs and to deliver specific expected outcomes.

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